How do I repay online

o    Go to and select the lender you have a loan with

o    Enter your phone number you used to apply and enter your email.

o    Confirm amount to pay.

o    Enter card details and complete repayment

    How do I repay using the ATM

o    Insert your ATM card and select the 'Quickteller' option

o    Select 'Pay Bills'

o    Select 'Others'

o    Enter Biller/Payment Code e.g. 04309403(Migo) or 04309401(Ferratum) or 04309407(Xtracash) or 04309411(Quickloan (Payzfast)) or 04309408(Instantcash) or 04309406(Lendaba) or 053389801(QuickFund) or 0439773977(Lendme) or 053389601(Creditdirect) or 04396902(Moninow)

o    For the Customer Reference Number, enter the phone number used to request the loan

o    Confirm payment

    How do I repay using Short code (USSD)

o    Dial *723#

o    Select 'Pay Bills'

o    Select 'Others'

o    Enter your Loan Biller name Migo, Ferratum, Xtracash, Quickloan (Payzfast), Instantcash, Lendaba, Lendme, QuickFund, Creditdirect, Moninow.

o    For the Customer Reference Number, enter the phone number used to request the loan

o    Enter amount

o    Select a card and enter card details

o    Confirm payment

    How do I repay at the Bank

o    Walk into any of these banks listed: Fidelity, Access, UBA, Keystone, Sterling, GT bank, Wema, Unity or Polaris

o    Inform the bank you want to pay your loan on PAYDIRECT and give them your loan phone number as customer reference number.

    How do I repay at a Quickteller paypoint agent kiosk or shop

o    Walk into a Quickteler Paypoint agent's location near you and request to repay your loan.

o    You will be asked to provide your phone number and cash for repayment.

    How do I pay with my ewallet

o    Log into your Quickteller account.

o    Search for the lender you have a loan with on the search bar.

o    Enter your phone number used to apply for the loan, click on continue.

o    On the card page, select your ewallet card as a repayment option and proceed to make payment

    How to use pay with transfer method

o    Click on the unique lenders link (

o    Select Repay loan.

o    Select the pay now button

o    Select Repay Loan with Bank Transfer and an Account number will be specifically generated for the customer.

o    Initiate a transfer using the account number generated for you.