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Failed Transactions

why is it so difficult to reverse a failed trasactions

i normally buy data work of 1m every month and at least i do have minimum of 50,000 failled transactions which most time will not be reversed. just this morning i have send an email to support for a reversal of 3 transactions 6,000 response since...

Seeems this Quickteller is a scam on its own.

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As in I tire for their matter o

They are not serious me about 6 transactions not reversed

Good day,
Is this fraud or what? I need to know my account has been debited since saturday and am yet to receive the recharge pin or the money reversed back to my account.
Please i will be glad if i can get my money back or the recharge pin or a phone number i can call, am totally disappointed in this service of yours

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Same thing with me as well...I experienced failed transaction on saturday. Till now, they havent refunded me. I have raised 5 different tickets.

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I just got the issue resolved by Mayowa O. I have been credited. Thanks
me two transactions fail but no reversal of payments. Why
The people are not doing well since last week Monday, no alert, funds not returned...
this is what is killing Nigerian business, insincerity. #2000 gone just like that

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