Sign in with your credentials

1. Click on Airtime/Data on your dashboard.

2. Ensure airtime is highlighted by clicking on airtime.

3. Input the desired phone number

4. Ensure the desired telco is highlighted

5. Move the toggle button to the right to save beneficiary

6. Click on Next.

7. Confirm all information is accurate, then click on pay to purchase airtime

8. Select the desired payment option, which is a card or Quickteller account.

9. If it is by account, simply click on the Quickteller account and input your PIN to complete payment for airtime.

10. If by card, click on New Card and input your card details.

a)Card Number

b)Account type

c)Expiry date


e)Card PIN

f) Save the card by moving the toggle button to the right

g) Click on next to receive OTP for authentication

h) OTP will be sent as SMS to phone number and email of the attached card

i)Input the OTP to complete the payment for airtime.