"The Quickteller account is a personalized account modeled after each customer's lifestyle and spending habits, empowering them to live free! and do more! The Quickteller account has 3 tiers. The tiers of accounts and KYC requirements are as follows:


 Tier 1 



i. You must sign up and create a profile on the Platform.

ii. You must provide  and verify your phone number

iii. Provide first & last name, gender, and date of birth

iv. You must provide either BVN or NIN


Daily Limit (outflow) - NGN 50,000

Daily Cumulative Limit inflow – NGN300,000


 Tier 2 


 i. you must have a Tier 1 account

 ii. You must provide and verify a issued government-issued ID

iii. Complete a photo match and liveness check


 Daily Cumulative Limit (outflow) - NGN 200,000

 Daily Cumulative Limit inflow - NGN500,000


Tier 3 


i. You must have a Tier 2 account

ii. Provide your residential address for verification


Daily Cumulative Limit (outflow) - NGN 5, 000,000

Daily Cumulative Limit (inflow) - Unlimited"