To complete your enrollment, we need you to ensure you have the following registration requirements:

·       A physical office location/shop

·       Any smart phone operating on Android Os (4.4 and above) or an internet enabled laptop/computer

·       A copy of a valid ID card (e.g. National Id card, Voters card, Driver license and International Passport)

·       A copy of your utility bill for verification of your location/shop address (e.g. PHCN bill)

·       A copy of your passport photograph (affixed to the agent registration form)

·       A copy of your guarantor passport photograph (affixed to the duly signed agent registration form)

·       A minimum start-up capital requirement of N5,000 (This amount is not a fee but your trading capital which will credited to your wallet immediately you are setup)

 Minimum Start-up/Investment Capital Payment Process:

The minimum start-up capital is payable through Quickteller with details below for onward credit to your wallet, upon setup.

Quickteller Online Payment: