The Quickteller loan service allows you to borrow small loans from our various loan providers. The loan amounts offered are currently between N1,000 to N50,000 with 15% interest based on your personal data and how frequently you perform card transactions on Quickteller.

 Frequent usage of the service and early repayment of selected small loan amounts make you eligible for higher amounts. 

Kindly follow the prompts below via our currently available channels; 

  1. From your mobile device, dial *322*6# 
  2. Select your preferred offer from the loan offers presented. These Loan offers may vary in terms of loan amounts, duration, interest rate depending on customer's eligibility. 
  3. From your ATM card number(s) presented, enter the details of your selected card to complete the process. You can add your preferred ATM card on 
  4. Your (selected) loan provider will process your application and give you feedback on the status of your loan request. You can also access the loan via 

(On your Quickteller Dashboard)

  1. Go to "Loans"
  2. Click "Request Loan"
  3. Enter the "Loan Amount"
  4. Enter the "Account Number" (This is the account you would like your loan to be credited into)
  5. Select the Bank (This is the bank your account above is domiciled in)
  6. Click "Continue"

Disclaimer! Your transaction history will be accessed to evaluate your loan eligibility