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I make a mistake on buying pin for jamb 2020 , instead of selecting for DE I click for utme and I wanna buy for DE please can you change it for me

Let the forum be like chat app so that the customers chat to solve some small-small problems not to wait for customer care, cuz sometime customers need a quick support but the customer cares were offline

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Allow users to edit BVN and email

Create  a WhatsApp Group for all Agents and Add Support Staff on the Group for quick response to Agent Issues

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 live chat will be great addition were we can real time chat with customer care people response time is extremely slow.failed transaction takes days just to be rectified.if transaction fails why is money no refunded back immediately  and automatically.why do we have to suffer calling and messaging you people for our own money that you people wrongly debit

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Hello Charles,

Thank you for your message.

You can now chat with an agent via Quickteller Web!

Visit and use the chat.

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